The following recordings are remakes of the originals, with respect to Van Morrison, Ben Harper, and Johnny Cash. All songs performed by Gabe Schick and produced by Ernie White in July 2017.

01 Brown Eyed Girl.mp3Artist Name
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03 Steal My Kisses.mp3Artist Name
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02 Ring of Fire.mp3Artist Name
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A quick story about the "Insurance Man" music video...

I'm an insurance broker by day, and always wanted to figure out a way to bridge the gap between insurance and music, so the song was finally born, "Insurance Man", written on May 14, 2018. Shortly after, I played it for a producer friend via Facetime and he beamed with excitement. He told me "we absolutely have to do something with it" (meaning producing a music video of some sort). And so it began! We shot film in Mercer County, NJ, in July and had it ready to launch in late November. It was a very fun (and educational) project and working with Darren Peterson at Gunnar Productions was a real treat!  Check him out at

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